I am currently working on trying out the Sitecore GraphQL Query where I just get all the items of a specific location in the Sitecore Tree. However, I may need to filter the item results based on a particular Field Value. Is it possible to do this on the GraphQL in Connected mode?


You can use an index search and filter whatever, Use somethings like this:

    fieldsEqual:[{name:"title", value:"Sit*" }] rootItem:"/sitecore/content"
        ) {
    results {
      items {
        item {
          field(name  : "title") {
           title: value

This is searching, filtering on Title field in the tree below rootItem. For only searching in a specific location you can filter on parent id. somethings like this:

fieldsEqual:[{name:"title", value:"Sit*"} ,{name:"_parent",value:"0de95ae441ab4d019eb067441b7c2450"}]

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