Recently created a Sitecore PaaS instance associating with Solr IaaS, The Index Manager Console looks to be empty. What is wrong here !

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  • If you open your /showconfig.aspx and search for the node <indexes, can you see any index on its children nodes? – Hugo Santos Feb 6 at 18:36
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    Usually it happens in case having any SOLR connectivity issue. Could you check you connection strings and try access SOLR via browser. Make sure you use SSL protocol within SOLR. Then, if SOLR accessible, check the logging tab in SOLR. If there are any records in red, it can also be a reason of your issue. – Artsem Prashkovich Feb 6 at 19:30
  • yes, typical reason is that Sitecore cannot connect to solr or even could not connect when application was starting, if solr will start responding later Sitecore can still show empty list here (app pool restart is a solution on local environment) – Daniil Feb 7 at 12:49
  • Exact issue was SSL. I was able to connect via http, but https gave me a secure warning. The section (from file solr.in.cmd in my (folder)\solr-7.2.1\bin) didn't have the valid lines uncommented (with the correct values). (lines 102 - 111) enables SSL w/ correct cert from keystore – Rob Scott Jul 31 at 1:16

In my case, I'm always doing this to fix that :

  • Make sure your Sitecore configured properly for SOLR within \App_Config\Sitecore\ContentSearch
  • Check your connectionstrings for SOLR is configured properly or not
  • Access SOLR admin (with browser, make sure it's https) to check whether it's on or not
  • If it's on, check again if your configured index matches with SOLR Core Admin
  • If everything's ok, can try to recycle app pool for your site and wait a few minutes Check again from the control panel

Make sure your SOLR Server turned on first before your Sitecore sites

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