In SXA 1.8 how do I implement having a div with classes and aria labelling around two components (eg. a link list and search box).

eg. I want:

  <div id="menu" class="header-content menu-collapse js-menu" aria-labelledby="open-menu" aria-hidden="true">

If I use a container there is no Css Class field - there is only the option to add a new Style to the site and tick that, but the intention is that it is only relevant to this one div.

I also get div class="row" being inserted which I can't see how to robustly exclude because the container.cshtml is using a dynamic placeholder id as part of the key. My elements are supposed to sit next to one another so the new row breaks the layout I'm going for.

enter image description here

Lastly is it correct to assume that I shouldn't make use of the id field of a container? I did this and suddenly lost content of the container on saving, and I have a recollection of reading this fact somewhere.

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