I am building a navigation component using glass mapper. The problem I am facing is not being able to get children items of a navigation item.

Right now I am only getting Parent navigation items.

This is my model:

[SitecoreType(TemplateId = "{127AF5CF-4170-4E43-A8CC-DB89591954E2}", AutoMap = true)]

public class NavigationItem
    public NavigationItem()
        ChildNavigations = new List<NavigationItem>();

    public virtual string Title { get; set; }

    [SitecoreField(FieldType = SitecoreFieldType.GeneralLink)]
    public virtual Link Url { get; set; }

    [SitecoreField(FieldName = "Is Excluded")]
    public virtual bool IsExcluded { get; set; }

    [SitecoreChildren(InferType = true)]
    public List<NavigationItem> ChildNavigations { get; set; }

    public ActionResult RenderNavigation()
        var mvcContext = new MvcContext();

        var currentItem = Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem(ID.Parse("{64121195-F56F-4A8B-B8F9-5A1E69BA62FD}"));

        IEnumerable<NavigationItem> navigationItems = currentItem.Children
            .Where(O => O.TemplateID.Equals(ID.Parse("{127AF5CF-4170-4E43-A8CC-DB89591954E2}")))
            .Select(x => mvcContext.SitecoreService.GetItem<NavigationItem>(x));

        return View(navigationItems);

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I assume that you are using Glass Mapper v4.

In order to fix your problem change your definition of ChildNavigations to this:

[SitecoreChildren(IsLazy = false)]
public virtual IEnumerable<NavigationItem> ChildNavigations { get; set; }

There was a change for v5 and you need to do it differently: http://glass.lu/Mapper/Documentation/UpgradingToV5


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