• Sitecore.NET 8.1 (rev. 151207 Hotfix 114141-2)
  • two Sitecore users (non-admin)
  • both accounts with almost same permission roles
  • publishing from the same root item path:
    • smart publish true
    • subitems true
    • related items false
    • languages: all available

Issue oberservation

1) When user "A" publishes a certain item including subitems the result is:

Items created: 0
Items deleted: 0
Items updated: 39
Items skipped: 48 

2) When user "B" publishes the same item including subitems, the result is:

Items created: 0
Items deleted: 0
Items updated: 32
Items skipped: 29

For each user the number of items affected due to the publish are identical to the web-delivery 1 and web-delivery 2 (Web-databases).

Expected behaviour

For both users, when publishing from the same root item with same publishing settings, the number of updated & skipped items should be identical.

Does anybody know what could be the cause of this, or how to investigate where there might be a difference causing such an effect?

  • This is usually permissions-related, and you mention they have "almost same" permissions. Are you able to provide more details around the permissions that have been granted? Typically what has happened here is a related item (like a media file or datasource) which one user can edit but the other cannot. – Jason St-Cyr Feb 12 '19 at 12:47
  • You basically confirmed what I thought might be the root cause of different item updates on publish, due to permissions. However, I checked each involved item and related item in the affected tree and… 1) both users with their corresponding roles have the same view, edit & etc. permissions on all sub- and related items (also from media library) 2) actually most of the items have been created by user B, who sees less affected updated items on publish I didn't go further into the roles & permissions because user A has only specific additional roles not related to content items or languages. – Oliver Feb 12 '19 at 15:33
  • Another related permission issue is workflow state permissions, have you checked workflow permissions are the same between users? – Jason St-Cyr Feb 13 '19 at 13:15
  • There is indeed a Workflow on the root item, which is in the final workflow step. However, both users have "Workflow state - write" permissions; and for the other permissions on that workflow / workflow states, suprisingly user B has more access than user A – so I'd expect on publishing to have user B more updated items. Can you elaborate your thoughts or experience, how related items on items affect the "items updated" stats on publishing, even if "Related items publish" is DISabled? – Oliver Feb 15 '19 at 14:45
  • It has been a while since I looked through the logic for publishing, but back a few years ago the related items calculations had some issues and even when 'false' it still counted certain elements multiple times (or skipped some). I could not figure out the exact metric, but it led to strange items updated counts being displayed. – Jason St-Cyr Feb 16 '19 at 3:38

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