I'm trying to create a custom segment with a custom filter following the guide from the document link. Specifically I'm trying to create a new segment for the internal search keyword to only get the data from a specific language. Let's say with EN, I created a segment call "EN search" see image below.

segment sample

In my understanding, this new segment will be the same a the segment "All visits by local search keyword" and will share similar data with it(I actually tried and tested that this is the case) unless added some filter.

Now I created a filter to be used by the newly created segment. see below.

Filter sample

I then added the new segment with filter to the internal search Behavior found in the Experience Analytics.

Experience Analytics Internal Search

After some searching on my site, I don't see any incoming data found from my segments in the report. I've deployed all the segment and I also created a segment("FR-BE search") without the filter to compare and it was working on that segment. See below for the result in analytics report.


As seen from the result, only the "FR-BE search" has data since I did not put any filter on there. I did try to change the filter for the other segments instead of using "where language the language was specific language" rule to "where the internal search keywords starts with specific string" and did the search with the right keywords starting but there's still no result.

Maybe there's something I'm missing here? Any ideas for this?

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