I need to redirect to certain page based on querystring value.

For Ex:

Case 1

Old Url: /cs/satellite?code=10015

New Url: /Redirects/page1

Case 2

Old Url: /cs/satellite?code=10016

New Url: /Redirects/page2

Here is how I want

enter image description here

But, when I save the respective redirect item, the entry is getting modified like below:

enter image description here

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This is not allowed due to usage of the Name Value List field type in that Mappings field which only allows keys containing letters and numbers due to the Validate() method in it. See further details here:

In your case also second option on how to find match and that is to use Regular expressions won't work because you would still need to use special characters:

In the thread in first link, there is mentioned possible workaround. Please take a look and try to implement. I don't know whether this will be still compatible with SXA at the end.

You could also solve redirection outside of Sitecore and SXA on IIS level for example with URL Rewrite module: https://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/url-rewrite

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