Hi I was installing sitecore 9.1 with SIF. It completed before updatesolrschema. When it was try to access to the below URL, because of proxy issue SIF script failed.

I know this was the last step in the Sitecore 9.1 installation. Then I was wondering how to get the Sitecore admin password.

Then I deleted the database and reinstalled again without proxy issue.

[-------------------------------------------------------------- SitecoreXP0_UpdateSolrSchema : SitecoreUrl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------]
[SitecoreXP0_UpdateSolrSchema]:[Authenticating] http://sc91v.sc/sitecore/admin/PopulateManagedSchema.aspx?indexes=all

My question: Is there any way we can skip the number of steps in SIF to execute from a particular step?


Yes is possible :

You can use something like :

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @params -Skip CreateBinding

Where The name of task you want to skip is in the corresponding JSON configuration file that you are installing.

E.g. the task above (CreateBinding) is in Master_SingleServer.json:

enter image description here

To skip multiple steps, just supply a comma separated list of tasks, e.g.:

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @params -Skip CreateBinding, InstallSolrCores

More information you can find here: https://sitecoredude.com/how-to-skip-tasks-in-sitecore-installation-framework-sif/

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