Sitecore JSS does not deliver dictionary entries from pathes specified in config files. https://xxx.local/sitecore/api/jss/dictionary/xxx/en?sc_apikey={6B8DB342-F35D-481F-8C16-87B7319B6F6E} returns dictionary entries from system/dictionary, but in config files pointed

<app name="xxx"
                     sitecorePath="/sitecore/content/xxx local/xxx"


and there is folder xxx Dictionary which has dictionary entries which are not delivered.

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If you haven't updated the sample project given by JSS then the dictionary service URL will be generated something like below from the jss app.

const dictionaryServicePath = `${config.sitecoreApiHost}/sitecore/api/jss/dictionary/${config.jssAppName}/{{lng}}?sc_apikey=${config.sitecoreApiKey}`;

But in your case looks like you tried with the direct URL and that returns entries from system/dictionary. So check your include folder and verify whether you have the updated/proper jss app config .\Website\App_Config\Include\JSS-APP-Name.config.

Because you get error/improper results when you access the direct URLs like https://xxx.local/sitecore/api/jss/dictionary/xxx/en?sc_apikey={6B8DB342-F35D-481F-8C16-87B7319B6F6E} so the issue will be with the jss-app config files which you deployed in your Sitecore instance or the Sitecore content tree [which may not have the proper content tree/structure]

Actually the jss document is really helpful https://jss.sitecore.com/docs/fundamentals/services/dictionary-service


The Sitecore JSS comes with a set of default configurations located in


Since your configuration setting does not include the dictionary path, it will use the following default settings found in Sitecore.JavaScriptServices.Apps.config.

dictionaryPath="$sitecorePath/$name Dictionary"
dictionaryDomain="$name Dictionary"

Now, if Sitecore is unable to find your dictionary files based on the "dictionaryPath" in the configuration, it will fallback to use "/sitecore/system/dictionary", which is the behavior that you are observing.

To solve your problem, I am guessing it could not find your dictionary path. Do check if it is in the correct path, or patch it in your config to desired path.

<App name="xxx" 
    dictionaryPath="Enter your sitecore dictionary path ..."
    dictionaryDomain="Enter your sitecore dictionary domain ..."

A shot in the dark here, but have you tried deleting dictionary.dat file from your Sitecore installation /temp folder? That should regenerate the dictionary file with the latest dictionary items (as long those are published).

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