I have created a custom ribbon button (Large Button) and a text field (Small Input Box). I can disable/enable these controls just fine when clicking an item (by the CommandState QueryState() override).

However, when clicking the button, I need to set some text to the text field and disable the button, and I haven't found any ways to do this.

How can I set the state (enable/disable, text) of other ribbon controls from a custom button?


You can change the text of the button by overriding the following method:

public override string GetHeader(CommandContext context, string header)
    //Build some logic here
    return "Modified header text";

Moreover, you can override the tooltip text by overriding this:

public override string GetToolTip(CommandContext context, string tooltip)
    return base.GetToolTip(context, tooltip);
  • I didn't mean the text of the button. I meant I want to change the text on the Small Input Box from the button.
    – GTHvidsten
    Mar 7 '19 at 8:54

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