I am using SXC 9.0.2. I have an Azure AD and would like to let Azure AD accounts access both the Content Editor and the Commerce Business Tools. End-users will also need to sign-in - these users will reside in a custom database that I have control of.

What is the best approach in terms of setting up authentication to cover all this?

This guide explains how to set up authentication for Azure AD, but I guess it only covers the Content Editor part, as it doesn't involve Sitecore Identity Server.

This guide explains how to set up Azure AD authentication via the Sitecore Identity Server but as I understand it, this only covers the Commerce Business Tools. Furthermore, this guide is only available for 9.1.

This guide indicates that I need to use an ASP.NET Membership Provider to have end-users in a separate database (section: "Other security providers")

Does that mean I need all three providers?

  • ASP.NET Identity to sign in Azure AD users in the Content Editor
  • Sitecore Identity Server to sign in Azure AD users in the Commerce Business Tools
  • ASP.NET Membership Provider to sign in end-users from custom database

Best case for me would be to have a single authentication service provider to handle users in all three cases and use the domain (sitecore, extranet) to identify the external user store. It is definitely a possibility for me to upgrade to 9.1 if that will help me.

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