Below steps have been take from "Web Forms for Marketers 9.0 Update 1 Installation Guide"

1.1.2 The Installation Process

The Web Forms for Marketers module is distributed as a Sitecore package. To install the module:

  1. On the Launchpad, click Control Panel, Administration, Install a Package. or
  2. On the Launchpad, click Desktop, and then click Sitecore Start button, Development Tools, Installation Wizard. The Installation Wizard guides you through the installation process.
  3. Select the Web Forms for Marketers 9.0 rev.171209.zip Sitecore package.
  4. Read and accept the license agreement when prompted.

When the installation is completed, you must perform the following post-installation steps:

  1. In the Restricting Placeholders wizard, define the list of placeholders that you want to have available when you add the forms to the layouts.
  2. Publish the content to the Web database.
  3. On the reporting database of your current instance, run the [site root]\Website\Data\WFFM_Analytics.sql file.
    This creates four additional tables in your reporting database.
  4. In the Web.config file, in the configuration\system.webServer\handlers node, add the following nodes:

I am not sure how to perform post installation step 2 which is Publish the content to the Web database

appreciate your help.

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