I am looking for Item Collection Or Class Or Method which can provide all details of specific promotion such as Qualifications, Benefits, Private Coupon etc..

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I have tried following syntax but returning null to me

var promotionModel = (commerceContext.Objects.OfType<Promotion>()).FirstOrDefault();


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You can get this by using the IFindEntityPipeline, you can see a dummy implementation on how to achieve that here:

public class Foo
    private readonly IFindEntityPipeline _findEntityPipeline;

    public Foo(IFindEntityPipeline findEntityPipeline)
        _findEntityPipeline = findEntityPipeline;

    public async Task<Promotion> GetPromotionById(string id, CommercePipelineExecutionContext context)
        var promotion = await _findEntityPipeline.Run(new FindEntityArgument(typeof(Promotion), id, 1), context))
        return promotion as Promotion;

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