I've provisioned a Sitecore 9.1 PaaS, and for some odd reason the Application Insights is not loading graphics except in Live Metrics Stream for Process CPU data

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I went through the existing post Accessing log files in application insights for Sitecore 9 in Azure app service and did the following

  1. Check appinsights.instrumentationkey ConnectionStrings.config

Connection Strings AppInsights

  1. Check the Daily Cap It was 0.33, then I raised to 2GB for testing purposes Daily Cap

Another thing is that the Search shows results from Sitecore

enter image description here

  1. Check showconfig.aspx Showconfig

  2. Enable Live Metrics Stream - Only shows CPU data Enable Live Metrics Stream

  3. Enable Application map - I removed the comment line, and restart the Application, waited for 5 minutes and still no data ApplicationMap

  4. Querying Application Insights - It works QueryingAppInsights

  • Do you have ApplicationInsights added to web.config as well? it needs to be added to trace listener and there is also a handler. – Bartłomiej Mucha Mar 15 '19 at 11:58
  • @BartłomiejMucha could you be more specific about "ApplicationInsights added to web.config" and "added to trace listener", and "there is also a handler"? – Vinicius Deschamps Mar 15 '19 at 12:01
  • For example in Web.config under <system.webServer><modules> there should be ApplicationInsightsWebTracking module added. Also under <system.diagnostics><trace><listeners>` there should be Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.TraceListener.ApplicationInsightsTraceListener, Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.TraceListener added – Bartłomiej Mucha Mar 15 '19 at 12:15
  • I do have a <remove name="ApplicationInsightsWebTracking" />, and in the next line <add name="ApplicationInsightsWebTracking" type="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Web.ApplicationInsightsHttpModule,.... />. And I do have <add name="myAppInsightsListener" type="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.TraceListener.ApplicationInsightsTraceListener, ... /> – Vinicius Deschamps Mar 15 '19 at 12:20
  • in point 6., can you also query "requests" to see if you have any? – Bartłomiej Mucha Mar 15 '19 at 12:50

We have raise this problem to the Sitecore Support which generated a ticket #527731 (Please use this ticket# if you have the same issue)

IMPORTANT: The following approach does not work without the hotfix provided by Sitecore, don't give a shot by simply changing the files specified in the step"after the hotfix has been installed"

Accordingly to the Sitecore response

Be aware that the hotfix was built specifically for Sitecore XP 9.1 Initial Release, and you should not install it on other Sitecore versions or in combination with other hotfixes, unless explicitly instructed by Sitecore Support.

Note that you need to extract ZIP file contents to locate installation instructions and related files inside it.

Unless stated differently in the installation instructions, the hotfix should be installed on CM instance and then synced with other instances using your regular development practices

The hotfix should be installed as a package, and will replace the following DLL libraries:






After the hotfix has been installed these steps must be taken

  1. Edit ApplicationInsights.config. Under the ApplicationInsights\TelemetryModules paste the following line at the bottom of the section

    <Add Type="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Web.AspNetDiagnosticTelemetryModule, Microsoft.AI.Web" />

    1. Edit web.config. Under the configuration/system.webServer/modules after <remove name="ApplicationInsightsWebTracking"/>, insert the following string:

<add name="TelemetryCorrelationHttpModule" type="Microsoft.AspNet.TelemetryCorrelation.TelemetryCorrelationHttpModule, Microsoft.AspNet.TelemetryCorrelation" preCondition="integratedMode,managedHandler"/>

Once you modify the files, restart the App Services and try to access it again to generate data for the Application Insights

enter image description here

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This is also a bug in Sitecore 9.1 update 1. I have raised it as a ticket with Sitecore support and they have provided a bug reference 291373. Development of the hotfix is in progress.

I note that in the hotfix mentioned above, 2 of the files are not present in the /bin folder of 9.1.1. The missing files are:

  • /bin/Microsoft.AspNet.TelemetryCorrelation.dll
  • /bin/System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource.dll
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    Sitecore have released Hotfix 339049 specifically for 9.1 update 1. Tested and working in my installation. – andyp Jul 16 '19 at 6:26

It's a bug in 9.1.

To fix this you need:

Add telemetry module to ApplicationInsights.config

<Add Type="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Web.AspNetDiagnosticTelemetryModule, Microsoft.AI.Web"/>

Add module to web.config under system.webserver

<add name="TelemetryCorrelationHttpModule" type="Microsoft.AspNet.TelemetryCorrelation.TelemetryCorrelationHttpModule, Microsoft.AspNet.TelemetryCorrelation" 
        preCondition="integratedMode,managedHandler" />
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    I just did what you said, and YSOD shows up Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.AspNet.TelemetryCorrelation' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. – Vinicius Deschamps Mar 18 '19 at 13:09

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