As an example, I'll use a generic content Block component. This component, among other params, would have a columnSpan param. As far as I can tell, the only way to predefine options for that param is to create individual content entries like so:

enter image description here

...and use that directory as the source of the params like so:

  source: 'dataSource=sitecore/content/BlockColumnSpanOptions'

So, multiply that by X number of components and X number of params, this content directory is quickly going to become nightmarish.

Is there a better/other way to provide param options in a more flattened/simplified manner?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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The manifest API is a JavaScript API; we just provide a default input via YAML. You can modify the handling in /sitecore/definitions/*.sitecore.js to source content from whatever you like, including multiple items in one JS file.

Example here, note that the manifest contains TypeScript typings to make constructing objects easier.


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