I've installed sitecore 9 and I am using Unicorn to sync my developer items.

Do I create all my languages on my local machine an add the "/sitecore/system/Languages" to my Unicorn synchronization, so that I configure the languages only once like language fallback?

Is that the right approach or I am missing something?

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Yep, you can. I normally do.

Just be aware of this; I've been in one situation in the past where additional languages were added on a higher environment - which would mess things up.

But go ahead and do it, just make sure this is coordinated and known.

  • I've added my Languages to my unicorn sync at that seems to work fine so far. Commented Mar 24, 2019 at 9:15

Yes you can sync languages to Unicorn And it also depends on the synchronization process you are following.

Unicorn One Time Sync: Creates/updates item if item is not available in Sitecore environment Unicorn Always : Always creates/updates the item. Make sure to follow the above scenarios to prevent overriding changes.

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