Recently, I came to know about sellableItem.ParentCategoryList which return ancestors of sellableItem as string of itemIds seperated by pipeline of (i.e. 9c13df93-c115-34ea-es21-6d4f315591ed|9sg234dd-d456-45fd-e2a1-6d4f312345ed)

But I have observed that it is not returning all ancestors of the item.

For example, I am looking for the parent category list for a highlighted sellableitem as per image. When I debug and check sellableItem.ParentCategoryList value, it shows "Television|4k" (In actual, this is itemIds).

But I want result value like "Departments|Television|4k" i.e. all cancestor categories. How can I achieve this?

enter image description here


You'll need to build it recursively. ParentCategriesList will only have direct(level1) parents. The reason you see Televisions in the list is because it's also a direct parent.

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