I have an array of items stored in $mylist. I'm trying to check items with layout and output them. Here's the script that I have tried:

    for ($i = 0; $i -le $mylist.count; $i++) {
    $i = $mylistv| Get-Layout
    if ($i -ne $null) {
      return $i

This is what I have tried so far, I have no idea how to exclude subitems in the final output. Any help is greatly appreciated. thank you! :)

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You can try this script:

foreach ($item in $mylist) {
    $finalLayout = Get-Rendering -Item $item -FinalLayout
    if ($finalLayout -eq $null) {
        $item # this one has no layout

or if you want to get the whole list, use

$filteredItems = $mylist | Where-Object { (Get-Rendering -Item $_ -FinalLayout) -eq $null }

It gets the final layout rendering for every item in $mylist and output those items which don't have it.

Don't use return in your loop. Otherwise you will break your loop after first match.


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