I've created a test custom provider for Data Exchange Framework 2.0.1 and decided it's no longer necessary. How do I remove it completely and safely?

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Delete Sitecore items

In the documentation for creating a custom provider, the paths that are created in Sitecore are listed and should be deleted:

  1. /sitecore/system/Settings/Data Exchange/Providers/your-provider-name
  2. /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/InsertOptions/Rules/DataExchange-your-provider-nameProvider
  3. /sitecore/templates/Branches/DataExchange/Providers/your-provider-name
  4. /sitecore/templates/DataExchange/Providers/your-provider-name

Delete custom code

In addition, make sure you remove any custom code you've added. If you followed the documentation, they will likely all be in a single namespace (e.g. YourApplication.DataExchange.Providers.YourProviderName).

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