I have a page content rendering, and in the rendering variant I wanted to include a link list. I've seen simpler examples where you can tie it to a set datasource but in this instance I'd want the link list item to be a child of the page.

enter image description here

If I leave the datasource blank, when I go to add an item to the link list - it isn't of type Link which is what I would expect.

enter image description here

As opposed to if I add a link list to a placeholder it gets me to create a datasource for the list - so that the item is correct.

enter image description here

I think my issue is to do with not setting the datasource - but I need it to be dynamic, so that whenever a page of this template gets created, it gets its own list to be bound to.

If this isn't possible - how could I use a page content rendering that incorporates a dynamic list of links.

I'm using Sitecore 9.1 and SXA 1.8

  • Did you have any luck with this? I have the same issue and have not been able to find a solution. – Deepak Sandhu Apr 27 at 10:24
  • @DeepakSandhu no - I couldn't find a way to get around the static datasource so ended up having to use a set number of fields for my list items. If you find an answer let me know :) – Jen Apr 29 at 5:31
  • I had a similar problem with link list being used in this way, alongside other strange encounters regarding datasources with components inside of rendering variants. – Jack Hayward Jun 17 at 7:42

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