In order to help diagnose an issue with Web Deploy and Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF), I would like to see the actual msdeploy command being executed by the WebDeploy SIF Task, including the parameters used.

Is there a way to see/output this?

  • Have you tried turning on Verbose in your install command Install-SitecoreConfiguration @example -Verbose? – Chris Auer Apr 12 '19 at 14:20

There isn't an option in SIF to make it show the final assembled command that is run for every task.

However if you add -Verbose to the Install-SitecoreConfiguration command you will get some extra diagostics from the msdeploy.exe similar to:

[WebDeploy]:[Arg] -verb:Sync [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -Source:Package="C:\temp\xp0\Sitecore.IdentityServer 3.0.0 rev. 00207 (OnPrem)_identityserver.scwdp.zip" [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -Dest:Auto [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -SetParam:Name="IIS Web Application Name",Value=XP0.identityserver [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -SetParam:Name="Security Connection String",Value="Data Source=;Initial Catalog=XP0-2501_Core;User ID=securityuser;Password=bjjBgHGThKQE5TTjVaNE" [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -SetParam:Name=CertificateThumbprint,Value=2AA520B7C389FE370C7124AF53BA17F0EEC6792B [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -SetParam:Name=PasswordRecoveryUrl,Value=http://XP0.sc [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -SetParam:Name=AllowedCorsOrigins,Value=http://XP0.sc [WebDeploy]:[Arg] -SetParam:Name=ClientSecret,Value=8h8loJrrR3CJE16fNTOOGa8hwGl1MVIC3DlZZl7MOep9ENfCKa37PwzHV7veptr9ilD DPtlzlTwJErXCpNQaildAuRTHoSariKF1

just before the command is executed.

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