I have

HttpContext.Current.Response.Redirect(result.Url + $"?q={searchTerm}", true);

but the request continues to the controller

  • Did you try Response.End()? – Gatogordo Apr 23 at 14:20
  • yes, it had the same issue – Matthew Butler Apr 23 at 14:30
  • You want Server.Transfer. Same way 404 pages are served up. stackoverflow.com/questions/15002551/… – jrap Apr 24 at 1:29
  • Let me know if that suggestion works. If so, I'll add a proper answer. – jrap Apr 24 at 15:10
  • I used a HttpRequestProcessor instead of the RequestBeginProcessor, then the redirect worked as expected – Matthew Butler Apr 25 at 10:37

Redirect( [URL], true ) is supposed to throw an "abort exception", so the only code in your thread which will execute after that call should be any catch/finally blocks. This is in fact how it works on my sites. Without further evidence, I have to question whether your thread is in fact "continuing to the controller", or whether you're being misled somehow by your debugging/diagnostic techniques.

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