Installation Wizard - while installing any package, 'Installing..' loader keep on showing even small size of package and never ending installation.

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This happening in my local development(Sitecore 8.1) environment. Actually it is completing installation but not hiding loader.

Anyone know how to fix this issue.


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This issue was due to no write access onto temp folder inside virtual directory(website folder).

In the InstallPackageForm class, the function WatchForInstallationStatus() is responsible for the "Job started: WatchStatus" logmessage. This function starts a new thread in which it checks the status of the package installation which is stored in the temp folder.

In my case,the IIS_IUSRS role did not have write access on the temp folder inside website. After I give permission on it, things are working.

Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17041253/sitecore-package-install-never-ends

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