I have Sitecore 9.0 update 1 environment is in Azure PaaS. I have created a new goal and checked the "IsLiveEvent" to trigger the goal without ending the session. Goal is deployed and published. Now I have associated this goal to a page. On the Home page I am trying to personalize a component using the following rule.

where the specific goal was triggered during the current visit

This personalization is not working even after I visited the page on which goal is associated multiple times. Please let me know if I am missing any configuration.

Thanks, Alok...

  • you don't have to mark "IsLiveEvent" if you only want to personalize a component based on that goal. "IsLiveEvent" means that marketing automation can handle it during the session and it basically means that it bypasses xConnect (thus, not waiting for the end of session). For your problem with the personalisation: maybe a stupid remark, but did you publish the page with the rule and is it in the correct language? – Bas Lijten Apr 30 '19 at 19:55

Same issue I was also facing so I followed the below steps:

  1. Checked if used goals are deployed and published
  2. Check the items in the specific language that you are setting is published in web DB.
  3. If possible then publish the complete site with a smart publish option, otherwise jump to 4th step
  4. Try to clear the cache using /cache.aspx and try to check the personalization on the page.

I did all the steps but left the 3rd step because this is not possible probably in the production environment, so 1,2 and 4 worked for me.

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