I'm seeing failure to connect logs for all solr cores they all have problem accessing /solr//admin/cores. reason not found.

Here's the thing the /solr//admin/cores page doesn't exists while the /solr/admin/cores page does. I'm trying to establish why it is attempting to connect to this double forward slash url, as well as looking to see where can I change this url.

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    What is your ContentSearch.Solr.ServiceBaseAddress setting set to? Should be https://YOURSOLRHOST:8983/solr (notice the lack of a trailing /)
    – jrap
    May 1, 2019 at 16:10
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    What is the specific error message you're receiving? Can you post the info from the logs? Also, what is the value of your ContentSearch.Solr.ServiceBaseAddress setting? May 1, 2019 at 16:11

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Thank you jrap you were right in the defaultIndexConfiguration.config the ContentSearch.Solr.ServiceBaseAddress was https://localhost:8983/solr/# updated it to https://localhost:8983/solr and all is well in sitecore land

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