I am trying to configure azure search in Sitecore. I followed this article to configure it.

But when I try to rebuild the indexes, the number of units processed is empty and the indexes are not reflecting in azure portal.

I have added the below connection string in ConnectionString.config file

<add name="cloud.search" connectionString="serviceUrl= https://XXXXsearchindex.search.windows.net;apiVersion=2017-11-11;apiKey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"/>

and have updated the web.config file like below

<add key="search:define" value="Azure" />

On rebuilding the indexes no units are processed enter image description here

After making the configuration changes the site was taking long time to load, so I did an iisreset, but this shouldn't impact the indexes.

Am I missing anything?

  • I'm removing SXA tag as it is not SXA related. You have a general issue with probably connection to the Azure search service. Check Crawling.log to check details. Commented May 2, 2019 at 16:38

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Usually this is due to an invalid Azure Search connection string, check for a typo in the service endpoint or in the associated parameters.

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