I have created a separate publishing target (Production). I have created a separate index for this database (sitecore_prod_index).

I rebuild my index, and it returns results.

I rebuild again, no results. I can browse the index in azure and see that my results are there, but my code calling search does not return results.

I rebuild a third time and I get results.

Its like one of the rebuild indexes doesn't work, but the other does.

I'm performing a search like so:

using (var context = SiteSearchIndex.CreateSearchContext())
    var results = context.GetQueryable<MySearchResultModel>()
      .Where(x => x.Paths.Contains(MyItemRoot.ID) && x.TemplateId == DetailPageConstants.TemplateId).GetResults();

    if (results.TotalSearchResults > 0)
         return results.Hits.Select(q => q.Document).ToList();

    return null;

SiteSearchContext is an ISearchIndex and it know which index to call (sitecore_web_index or sitecore_prod_index) based on a appsettings in the web config:

var searchIndexName = $"sitecore_{Context?.SitecoreService?.Database?.Name}_index";
var configuredIndexName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SearchIndexName"];
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(configuredIndexName))
    searchIndexName = configuredIndexName;

SiteSearchIndex = ContentSearchManager.GetIndex(searchIndexName);

I can't say for sure if you have had the same issue as myself and Gatogordo but in 8.2 u7 and 9.02 there is a bug that prevents the active index name being updated correctly in the core db on CD servers. I've not got round to blogging about it but will do when I get a minute.

If this bug also exists with 9.1 you should be able to get a hotfix from support also.

You can read more info on this here: Getting the primary Azure Search Index name after index re-build

The hotfix for 8.2.7 moved storage of the index name in use into an Azure index instead of the core db and this works fine.

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