I have set permissions to users on the Sitecore security editor

All those User permissions get over written on Unicorn Sync during deployments

enter image description here

I Understand that security is controlled at Item level , Is there a way to ignore only the security field of all items during Unicorn Sync , so that they are not controlled by yaml file but through the security editor in Sitecore.

Please suggest the common practice solve this problem.

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There is a exclude field filter for these purposes.


<configuration name="ExcludeConfig" description="Exclude configuration for excluding the Security field">                      
    <fieldFilter type="Rainbow.Filtering.ConfigurationFieldFilter, Rainbow" singleInstance="true">
        <exclude fieldID="{DEC8D2D5-E3CF-48B6-A653-8E69E2716641}" note="'Security' field on Standard Template" />
  • Did it really work? I think fieldFilter is used only for Serializing the item (to Yaml), but not for Deserializing it (To Sitecore DB). You may have to use fieldtransformations for this. Nov 27, 2019 at 12:14

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