I have a list of item and by using reference variant, I'm able to loop the items with the multi-list values. Now each tile which is displayed should wrap with two fields (ie., image and title) with anchor tag that points to context item on clicking this should open a details page of that tile.

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Now that problem is after check the "islink" with the wrapping of anchor (<a>) between two fields and the link which is generating the relative URL is from (site tenant/Site/Home) instead of excluding till start item path as shown below:

Actual URL: http://domainname/sitetenant/sitename/home/Company/..../..../..../itemname

Expected URL:http://domainname/Company/about/..../..../itemname

Please suggest a way to generate a context item URL excluding start item path.

Using SXA 1.8 on 9.0.2 sitecore.


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If you can go for Scriban template to create your rendering variant, sometihng like below code would help to achieve this:

    <div class="Title">
     <a href="{{i_item.url}}"> 
        {{ i_item.Title }} 
        {{ i_item.Image }}

This is just a reference code and I have not tested. Please let me know if you need more info.

Hope this helps someone!!!

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