Based on our design requirement there are few modifications i need to do in render() function of component-search-result-filer.js which is used by checklist filter of Sitecore SXA.

I want to override the function in another js file so that it doesn't gets overwritten on SXA upgrade. The remaining functionality should work as it is.

I tried few options after googling but doesn't work. There always be a syntax problem, not getting it right.

Can someone please provide a sample code to do so.


There are a couple of options to do that:

Clone the Search Theme

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to make a copy of all the base SearchTheme script files. These are in the Media Library here: /sitecore/media library/Base Themes/SearchTheme - add those files to your own theme and customize the contents as you need too. You would then need to remove the SearchTheme from your own sites base themes:

enter image description here

Override the whole object

To access the object, you can use XA.component.search.facet.resultFilter - that will return you the object as registered with the XA framework. So at that point you can reassign a function.

But - the problem you have is that you want to override the .render() function, and that is not a function of the resultFilter object directly. If you look at the JavaScript file, it is using a FacetResultsFilterView object that extends the XA.component.search.baseView object. That is the part that contains the render method, so you would effectively have to replace the entire function with your custom version:

XA.component.search.facet.resultsfilter = (function ($, document) {
    // add your entire implementation here
} (jQuery, document));

Depending on how complex your change is, this might be easier. Both options have pros/cons, but I think that replacing the entire base theme with a custom will probably be more stable and easier to maintain than trying to override the function. Its also pretty quick to do and test.

  • Thank you for the reply :) May 16 '19 at 10:27

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