I am having following content tree

  • Content
  • myapp

    • home



      • Related-Products-1 (based on Related-Products custom template) – having multi-list field in which we can select products which are related and source would be /Sitecore/Content/myapp/home/Products


      • Related-Products-2


      • Related-Products-3


      • Related-Products-4

To display Related Products items on Product-1 (Product template based item) page, I created the component and in component’s datasource added the xPath query like query:self:://[@@templateid = '{XXXX-XXXX-XXXX}'], so that I will get Product listing but it’s returning the xPath query in datasource attribute like: "dataSource": "query:self:://[@@templateid = '{XXXX-XXXX-XXXX}']"

If, I will assign direct path of item Related-Products, in the component then I am getting the details, with this way in each and every page I have to change the datasource manually and I can’t use __StandardValue of template to assign the Component with datasource, is there any other way to achieve this use case?

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JSS does not resolve multi-item datasources such as query: expressions.

In JSS you'll want to look at Rendering Contents Resolvers which enable you to precisely control the JSON returned for the fields property on the layout service, or Integrated GraphQL.

  • I have written the custom resolver to get details of items added as Related products and created the object (List<Product Model> which will return field values. In this case, custom resolver will support the personalizationor not, If personalization added in the Hero Image component present at Product-2 item and the Product-2 item details (item data) being fetched via custom code (children) then it can return personalized content by anyway or need to access the Hero image rendering for personalize content?
    – Amit Kumar
    May 28, 2019 at 16:59

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