Let's assume that I have version 1, 2 and 3 of the same Sitecore item.

For test purpose only I need to publish version 2.

Is this possible?

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You don't need to manipulate with workflow state of newer versions or with publishing restrictions.

You can use Sitecore API and PublishOptions.PublishDate property. Just pass the datetime when your chosen version was created as the constructor argument like:

new PublishOptions(..., ..., version.Statistics.Created);

And pass it to PublishItemContext:

var options = new PublishOptions(version.Database, targetDatabase, PublishMode.Full, version.Language, version.Statistics.Created);
var context = PublishManager.CreatePublishItemContext(version.ID, options);
context.PublishContext = new PublishContext(options);
return PublishItemPipeline.Run(context);

I wrote a blog post which explains in details how and why it works. You can read it here:

Publish specific version of Sitecore item.


It is possible by playing with one of those two things:

  • You can set the Publishable option of version 3 to false.
  • If you have workflow configured in this item, you or the author can set the version 3 back to the draft state.

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