I have an existing tenant with 1 website. I tried to create a new site in the same tenant, but got an SPE error. The logs show me:

ERROR Unrecognized Guid format. Actual value:

When I create a new tenant, I can create a site in there. And a second one.. No problem.

I did see this Q&A SXA error when creating a site: Unrecognized Guid format but the answer did not solve my issue as I do have those fields filled.

Using Sitecore 9.0.2 and SXA 1.7.1

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I ran the this script in a SPE console to have more output:

Import-Function Validate-PowerShell


    $ctx = gi .
    Import-Function New-Site
    $model = Show-NewSiteDialog $ctx -Verbose
    Write-Log -Log Error $ErrorRecord
    Show-Alert "Something went wrong. See SPE logs for more details."

The Verbose part is important here to get more information from the Show-NewSiteDialog..

Once I ran this I noticed that the problem was in the Get-InvokedTenantAction cmdlet. I changed that one to have some more logs and finally found that the existing templates from the tenant need Insert options. And I actually removed those so that field was empty. Changing the script to check the field first fixes that (add the if line):

if($standardValuesHolder."__Masters") {
  [Sitecore.Data.ID[]]$baseTemplates = $standardValuesHolder."__Masters".Split('|')

I noticed that the Get-InvokedSiteAction cmdlet had the same code so I changed it there as well.

But it still didn't work. Apparently all templates (and base templates) for that tenant also need a Standard Values item for the script to work. I had one base template that did not. I could have altered the script to check for this as well, but decided to create a standard values item for that one base template. If you need to alter the script, this line need a check first:

$standardValuesHolder = Get-Item -Path master: -ID $template.'___Standard values'

This is registered as a bug so it will be fixed in a future version, but if you bump into issues in the meantime this might help.

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