Let's say I have a template, Template A, that has a field section, Foo Data, that contains some fields. If I create another template, Template B, that inherits Template A and add a new field, "Bar", how can I include the new field in the Foo Data field section from Template A?

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So long as you name the field section that contains the "Bar" field on Template B the same as you named the field section on Template A, Foo Data, the two field sections will merge.


Template Definitions:

Template A
  Foo Data
    Baz           - Single-Line Text
    Baz Thumbnail - Image

Template B
  Foo Data
    Bar           - Single-Line Text

will result in a display like the following on your item instances of the Template B template, in the Content Editor:

Foo Data                         v

[SLT Field]

Baz Thumbnail
[Image Field]

[SLT Field]
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    Great answer @ZacharyKniebel! I would go just one step further (if it were me) and also explain how this design pattern can also lend itself to a duplicate field flaw. =) Oct 28, 2016 at 4:09

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