Where is the order of languages in Publish Item dialog defined?

And what would be the way to amend it i.e. make it the same order as languages under /sitecore/system/Languages?

Couldn't find anything about the topic online 😔



You can't change the order without custom code.

The Why?

When the Publish form builds the language list, it first calls:


Then orders then using:

languages.OrderBy(l => l.GetDisplayName())

Unfortunately, .GetDisplayName() does not get the display name of the item, but the display name of the CultureInfo of the language code:

/// <summary>Gets the display name.</summary>
/// <param name="cultureInfo">The culture info.</param>
/// <returns>The display name.</returns>
public static string GetDisplayName(CultureInfo cultureInfo)
    Sitecore.Diagnostics.Assert.ArgumentNotNull((object) cultureInfo, nameof (cultureInfo));
    if ((cultureInfo.CultureTypes & CultureTypes.UserCustomCulture) != CultureTypes.UserCustomCulture)
        return cultureInfo.EnglishName + " : " + cultureInfo.NativeName;
    return "{0} : {1}".FormatWith((object) cultureInfo.Name, (object) cultureInfo.NativeName);

So the only way to change it would be to override the default Publish dialog and create your own to order the languages differently.

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