I am using Sitecore 9.1. in the content editor I change the standard value on a template.

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I go to the actual content item. I try and reset the value of a field to the standard value. I open the Reset Values window. This displays the stand value as the old value, not my new updated value.

enter image description here

I reset the field anyway. It says its the standard value, but its the old value.

enter image description here

I clear site cache. Now the standard value is correct.

enter image description here

Why is this value getting cached like this?


The Go To Field/Reset Field link are from a browser plug in - Sitecore Extensions. Other extras include News Mover. Otherwise, its a basic installation

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    You might want to tell us about the addons and customisations you have done. These screenshots do not display standard Sitecore functionality. – Mark Cassidy Jun 5 '19 at 21:51
  • With the basic installation it should not happen – Yogesh Sharma Jun 6 '19 at 6:27
  • If you create an item that has a field that is getting it's value from the standard value, it will continue to track the standard value when the standard value changes.
    • The "[standard value]" next to the field is present.
  • If you change the field value on the item, it will stop tracking the standard value.
    • The "[standard value]" goes away
  • To reset the field, you go to the "Versions" tab, and click "Reset". You will be presented with a dialog box. Choose the field you would like to "reset" by clicking the checkbox next to the field and click the "Reset" button.
  • The field will revert back to the standard value and the "[standard value]" next to the field will be present.
  • Sitecore does have a Standard Values Cache, but that cache should be cleared after you save the standard value on the template item.

In recreating your procedure, I was unable to reproduce the caching you are experiencing. How are you using languages/language fallback and versions?

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