I have a GraphQL to fill in my menu. When I use jss start:connected it works just fine, but when I deploy (jss deploy app) and get it from the server it's empty.

I have been digging a bit into what's happening and it seems like the cache is not filled out correctly. In the source I get from the server the script tag _jss_state__ is filled out with:


As you can see the item for both paths are null. The item should have been filled out something like this:


I have now reset the cache in GraphQlClientFactory.js

export default function (endpoint, ssr, initialCacheState) {
    initialCacheState = {


And at least the client gets data, but I thought the point of SSR was to fill in this information on the server side?

How do I get the ROOT_QUERY populated correctly on the server side?

Edit: I have modified one of my queries to contain the content from query.graphql from the sample project and then it works. But if I switch out the content of the file with my own query, it stops working. Is this a bug or something I don't understand?

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The problem was language, this is not defined in the default [site].config of the react app. Turns out integrated mode defaulted to en, while the test url (.no domain) defaulted to nb-NO. After setting language="nb-NO" on the site in the config file. Everything started working.

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