Whenever sending email with form data from Sitecore 8.2 WFFM form, values need to be obfuscated as they are sensitive.

Form Data Example: mobile number, pin code, ...

Obfuscation Example: Form field value mobile number: 88552222 needs to be transformed / obfuscated like this in mail mobile number: XXXXX222

  • So you don't want to restrict field values. What you want is to hide some part of the information while sending form data via email? – Marek Musielak Jun 11 '19 at 8:46
  • in form field values don't show in mail i want like this..example pincode : 554422 but in mail pincode shows only XXX422 – kiran kumar Jun 11 '19 at 8:52

You have to encode your string value like below:

string mobileNum = "88552222";    
string output = "XXXXX" + str.Substring(str.Length - 3);

and use output string in your email text.

Hope it helps you.

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