I've just tried out a nice feature in Sitecore Rocks which is to import data & create a tree in the content tree, using the Query Analyzer, following this documentation.

The data in the text file will be in this format:

* News|/sitecore/templates/Common/Folder
** 2019|/sitecore/templates/Common/Folder
*** Month|/sitecore/templates/Month|12

But, it will only create the items in the tree structure. Is there a way where we can also populate the field values.

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It looks like what you want to do is not possible with a Tree Import - that only creates the items, you would then have to get the items and populate fields after.

CSV Import:

Alternatively you could use the CVS import source. This allows you to populate fields at the time of creation:

import csv
@ItemName, Title, Text
Home, Sitecore, "Welcome to Sitecore"

In that example, it is setting a default template, and then the columns define the properties of each item.

Update items after a Tree Import

One more option would be to update the items after the tree import by using the update command in the Query Analyzer:

update set 
  @Title = "Welcome to Sitecore", 
  @Text = "Hello" 
from /sitecore/content/Home

This seems a little more effort to write out, but would give you what you need.

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