I'm using Data Exchange Framework and Tenant Service in Sitecore 9.1 with identity server on, and while testing the Tenant Service site with [host]/api/tenant request I constantly getting "login failed" error in the logs of Tenant Service web site.

But I'm sure I have a correct connection string for my Tenant Service web site. May this error have some relations to the Identity Server?

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This generally happens when your Sitecore instances doesn't have SSL binding enabled.

This is happening because the Tenant Service is using the Sitecore Client Services RESTful API to authenticate against the Sitecore Instance and the authentication method only responds over HTTPS. You can find more on the topic here - The RESTful API for the ItemService

Keep in mind that for your local instance, you should be free to use a non-valid self-signed certificate for your IIS binding. (i.e. random xConnect one)

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