The ask is to show the following kind of message on the OnItemSaved event.

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I am unable to show a similar custom message on the OnItemSaved event. I am always getting some default exception message. I tried achieving it by throwing the custom exception as:

throw new CustomException("Section heading cannot have more than 20 characters !");

Please let me know if I am missing something.


You need to create a custom processor in the experience editor or/and content editor based on your requirement. A simple way to create a custom patch config to register the processor and a class file with your code.

<configuration xmlns:patch="http://www.sitecore.net/xmlconfig/">
            <!--Disyplay warning in the content editor-->
                      <processor type="xyz.Warning.YourClass, xyz" />

            <!--Disyplay warning in the Exprience editor-->
                      <processor type="xyz.GetPageEditorNotifications.YourClass,xyz" />

Your experience editor class will inherit the GetPageEditorNotificationsProcessor here is some sample code for the expriecne editor-

namespace xyz.GetPageEditorNotifications
    public class YourClass : GetPageEditorNotificationsProcessor
        public override void Process(GetPageEditorNotificationsArgs arguments)
             Assert.ArgumentNotNull((object)arguments, "arguments");
             Item contextItem = arguments.ContextItem;
              // your code

For Content editor, the code will look like this

namespace xyz.Warning
     public class YourClass
        public void Process(GetContentEditorWarningsArgs args)
            var item = args.Item;

            if (item == null)
            // Your Code


I guess this will help you.

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