I have an item item1 in sitecore with redering rendering1 in its presentation details. The rendering rendering1 has its datasource and is a controller rendering. The datasource of the rendering one is personalized. In the corresponding action method of the rendering, I am comparing the templateid of the item1 to a constant and setting a flag to true if they are equal else setting it to false. (using glassmapper)

var currentItem= _sitecoreContext.GetCurrentItem<Item>();

var templateid=currentItem.TemplateID.ToString()

{condition=true }

We have a nightly job scheduled for full site publish. Every night when the nightly job runs, we start getting this condition as false and when i republish the item again, it start showing true.
This issue is happening only when the personalised condition is met and doesnot happen if it is a default condition i.e. when the item has no datasource. Also, this is not replicable in lower environments.

I have checked the database by switching db in sitecore and the template id for the item shows exactly same as the constant configured by me. Is there anything else, I am supposed to check to resolve this issue

Also, my understanding is that var currentItem= _sitecoreContext.GetCurrentItem(); will give me the current item and not the datasource item of the rendering

In the caching setting of the rendering, I have Cacheable and Vary By Data set to true. Could it be because of caching, but if that is the case, should it not happen on lower environments as well

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