In my Sitecore 8.2 installation, i have the following tasks:

|   \---system
|       \---Tasks
|           \---Schedules
|               \---Content Testing
|                   \---Calculate Statistical Relvancy
|                   \---Rebuild Suggested Tests Index
|                   \---Suspend Corrupted Tests
|                   \---Try Finish Test

Since i use Solr for indexing, i'm pretty confident that the Rebuild Suggested Test Index should only trigger on the Authoring environment and therefore needs to be set to Never Publish. Does anybody know whether this needs to be done for the other 3 tasks as well? Or does every Delivery server in a scaled environment need to run those 3 tasks?

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Is not needed because I can see Rebuild Suggested Test Index commmand is using sitecore_suggested_test_index index.

Sitecore search indexes required for different types of servers in a scaled environment can be seen in below picture :

enter image description here


  • Hi Vlad. I was pretty confident about this one. More intresting would be the other ones as i don't find any information out there :) Oct 31, 2016 at 10:38

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