I switched from Solr to Azure search and followed all the steps listed in the blog. I Also renamed the Solr core to lower case with dashes. When I run the xConnectSearchIndexer -rr service the indexes are created in the Azure but the names are different.

The master index name is sitecore-master-index-732 instead of just sitecore-master-index.

Is there some configuration/step that I have set incorrectly or missing?


This is normal behaviour in Sitecore 9.1+ and is not a problem. You have Sitecore Azure Search switch on rebuild enabled, so it will append a random number to the index name when rebuilding and then switch to using it once the rebuild is complete. It should then delete the old index.

  • Thanks for the clarification Mark
    – Renuka
    Jul 26 '19 at 17:45

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