I am trying to test one of the properties which checks for the PageMode.IsExperienceEditor. Reduced implementation of my property is given below:

public ContentResult DataSourceNotConfiguredResult
            //Some Code
        //Some other code

        return Content("Some Value");

In my unit test, I am trying to change the display mode using the SetDisplayMode function. Here is my sample implementation for the test:

StringDictionary _stringDictionary;
FakeSiteContext _fakeSite;

        public void Setup()
            _stringDictionary = new StringDictionary();
            _stringDictionary.Add("name", "website");
            _stringDictionary.Add("database", "master");

            _fakeSite = new FakeSiteContext(_stringDictionary);

        public void HiddenRenderingResult_ReturnsHtmlString_WhenCalledInExperienceEditor()
            var fakeDb = new Db("master");
            Guid guid = Guid.NewGuid();
            DbItem fakeRenderingItem = new DbItem("StaticDataSourceItem", new Sitecore.Data.ID(guid));

            _fakeSite.SetDisplayMode(DisplayMode.Edit, DisplayModeDuration.Remember);

            using (new SiteContextSwitcher(_fakeSite))
            using (RenderingContext.EnterContext(new Rendering(), fakeDb.GetItem(new Sitecore.Data.ID(guid))))
                //Do Something

However, even after SetDisplayMode call, I still see the DisplayMode set as normal. Here is my screenshot from the debug session:

enter image description here

I referred to this article as well which basically does the same thing.

I am confused by what I am missing. I would appreciate any pointers that nudge me in the correct direction.



It's a bug and needs to be fixed in FakeDb. But the good news is that you may hotfix it following the article instructions carefully:

  1. add shell site registration to your config:

        <site name="shell" domain="sitecore"></site>
  2. define class parameters in the following way (remove name, add masterDatabase):

    _stringDictionary.Add("database", "master");
    _stringDictionary.Add("enableWebEdit", "true");
    _stringDictionary.Add("masterDatabase", "master");

Now the test does not fail:

Assert.True(Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPageEditorEditing); // pass

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