After an upgrade from 7.2 to 9.0.2, we are facing a weird issue in Experience Editor with few of our components.

On few of the pages we are unable to add/move/delete components using experience editor. We do not see the Context Menu which normally appears when we select a component on the experience editor like below:

enter image description here

We observed that the Designing CheckBox is disabled under VIEW menu. Which is preventing the items to move/add/delete on the experience editor.

What could be the possible reason having the Designing checkbox unchecked for few content items in Experience Editor? Even if we try to select it manually we are unable to move components.

enter image description here

It is working on v7.2 for same content item but not on v9.0.2. What is missing?

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Post analysis and confirming that there is nothing wrong at the code/project side, we decided to raise a Sitecore Support ticket for the this experience. Later on the support team identified it as a BUG in Sitecore.

This weird experience was due to an issue with improper parsing and double quotes, which was registered as a bug in their bug tracking system. As expected in such scenarios they provided us a patch to be installed on XP 9.0.2, which fixed the issue.

Please use the link below to download the patch fixing the issue:


More information about Sitecore patches can be found here:


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