I know that Sitecore provides an option to offer custom analytics report to the clients. I successfully created a new report page following the steps given in the official Sitecore documentation page, choosing a metric and a segment in the parameters item [See Note (a)], but either it is throwing an error [see Note (b)] (OR) when I change to some other metrics and segments (thinking that it is a wrong combination of metrics/segments) - the custom report page shows as No data to display..!

My Questions:
1. Does Sitecore has option/allows us to add any new metrics in the custom report that are not available in the standard analytics report?
2. If so, how I can find the list of those new metrics (with the right combination of metric/segment) that would show data without any errors? Atleast please name 3 of them for better understanding.

I understand that I need to have appropriate analytics data in my Sitecore instance, but I have those pattern matches data shown in the standard analytics report. In-short, for some combination of metrics/segments, it shows error and to some other combinations - it shows "No data to display"..!

Kindly assist. Thanks in advance


(a) Category : Audience Tab; Metric : Count; Segments : All visits by pattern

{"message":"An error has occurred.","exceptionMessage":"The required anti-forgery form field \"__RequestVerificationToken\" is not present.","exceptionType":"System.Web.Mvc.HttpAntiForgeryException","stackTrace":" at System.Web.Helpers.AntiXsrf.TokenValidator.ValidateTokens(HttpContextBase httpContext, IIdentity identity, AntiForgeryToken sessionToken, AntiForgeryToken fieldToken)\r\n at System.Web.Helpers.AntiXsrf.AntiForgeryWorker.Validate(HttpContextBase httpContext)\r\n at Sitecore.Web.Http.Filters.ValidateHttpAntiForgeryTokenAttribute.OnAuthorization(HttpActionContext actionContext)"}

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