I am using Sitecore XP 9.1 with JSS, and performed the default JSS scaffolding setup.

Translations are working in disconnected mode, but when I switch to integrated mode the translated page is not found. Although I have a Sitecore item with the AppRoute template and corresponding language (da-DK) configured.

The error I get when requesting http://localhost:3000/da-DK/:

  167 |       <Helmet>
  168 |         <title>{i18n.t('Page not found')}</title>
  169 |       </Helmet>
> 170 |       <NotFound context={routeData.sitecore && routeData.sitecore.context} />
      | ^  171 |     </div>
  172 |   );
  173 | }

What do I miss here?

  • What error are you getting? Also, can you share from showconfig.aspx your link provider? – Hishaam Namooya Sep 2 '19 at 19:05

Turned out to be caused by a custom ContentResolver I created; it didn't properly handle language items.

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