I am facing a weird issue of sitecore forms returning 504 Gateway timeout error sometimes when the form is submitted. Please note that I do not receive the error everytime. Kindly see the below image.

502 error while submitting the form

Once the gateway error comes, then I need to republish the form,enter new data in firstname, last name field and email to make it work... else the error persists.

Not sure if this is a server response issue, or there is something in the form which is taking too much of time(but if this is the case it should not work everytime)..

The structure of my form is: sitecore Form structure

Kindly let me know if anybody else has faced this issue.

  • Any errors on server that would explain the communication delay? – Chris Auer Sep 7 '19 at 15:38
  • @chris There is no such error related to form on the server... – Varun Sep 9 '19 at 3:26

504 Gateway Timeout error means that server is taking so long and causing time out. I have experienced similar problem due to an issue with the DNS server (or application gateway). Do you have multiple CD instances on load balancer?

  • @Kazmi Yes we do have multiple instance of CD instances on load balancer. – Varun Sep 9 '19 at 3:28
  • This issue seems to be related to application gateway or DNS sever. Can you please check with your infra if they have anything in logs related to 504 Gateway at the time you received this error. – S.Kazmi Sep 9 '19 at 3:59

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