I want to temporarily increase the timeout settings in a Sitecore 9 environment while I run the tool for removing broken links (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28725537/how-to-remove-broken-links-in-sitecore).

The answer there mentions the DataProviderTimeout

<setting name="DataProviderTimeout" value="00:00:00" />

I cannot see this setting in the configs for Sitecore 9. What is the equivalent setting here?

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It's Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.DefaultSQLTimeout

        The default timeout for all SQL commands issued by the Sitecore APIs, such as
        the SqlServerDataProvider, the OracleDataProvider or the SqlUtil classes.
        Default value: 00:05:00 (5 minutes)
<setting name="DefaultSQLTimeout" value="00:05:00" />


[Obsolete("'Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.DataProviderTimeout' is obsolete. Use 'Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.DefaultSQLTimeout' instead.")]

  • I had DefaultSQLTimeout already. So I just ignore DataProviderTimeout completely now. Thanks! Commented Sep 12, 2019 at 10:33

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